Casing Doubles

Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services (BOSS) Asset Base/Torque Equipment sets us apart. Our equipment is designed to leave minimal die penetration, ensuring non-marking results. This innovative feature guarantees the preservation of your casing’s integrity, allowing for smooth cementation and flawless operations. When it comes to casing services, trust the experts at Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services (BOSS). Our commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering attention to detail make us the number one choice for Oil and Gas Exploration Companies.


  • Asset Base/Torque Equipment, Small to Large OD, High Torque
  • Continuous Rotation, 5½” – 28”  ~  250,000 ft./lb
  • Minimal die penetration technology to non-marking
  • Real time torque turn monitoring & reporting capabilities
  • Casing, Cementation & Casing Accessories Makeup
  • Located within strategic points of distributions  that support offshore Drilling & Completion activities
    • Unique & highly specialized conveyor system, allows for the transfer of tubulars along assembly line , warrant against damaging connection/tubular/accessories
    • Strategic partners – Facilitate Slinging/rigging , inventory management, storage, loading/unloading of offshore supply vessels & barges
  • Qualified operators, utilizing industry leading Torque Turn monitoring systems
  • High level of accuracy, continuously maintained/maintenance, equipment calibration & service exceed industry recommended guidelines


  •  Our Amelia, LA facility and our Fourchon, LA  facility offers the same equipment capabilities and applications
  •  Our facilities are strategically located next to major waterways &/or bodies of water – each has special and unique characteristics, providing same service but different benefits
    • Amelia, LA – Inland waterway, protected from tropical conditions, large property, facilitate customer/inventory storage, long term planning or short term storage. Property & waterway converge new major railway, facilitate direct movement of tubulars by rail to waterway
    • Fourchon, LA – Conveniently located in major port , Port of Fourchon, which serves as major hub for Oil & Gas operations in Gulf of Mexico. 24/7 operations, closest point of distribution to rig on land. Pipe storage capabilities, Rigging & handling services

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Seamless Capability

Strategic Business partnerships with highly reputable partners, providing a high level of service quality to the Customer

From Make-up to Management

Cooperative Agreements between BOSS and K+B Industries. NOV Tuboscope (Amelia, La), Expert Riser (Fourchon, La) combines well over 150-years of proven success in providing well coordination for Deepwater completion and cementing & float equipment make-up.

Job Planning

Provides improved collaboration and communication between customer engineering and suppliers for upcoming well projects.Provides seamless coordination between service companies, threading manufacturers and leading industry providers

Inventory Allocation

Provides filtered customer inventory to display available accessories and assembly components. Provides efficiency and expediency in the event of an intended components being determined non-conforming.


Spacious facilities allow staging as equipment arrives from manufacturers, service companies or well sites. Pre-Job & Post-Job storage available for when well, weather or other delays occur.

Cost Saving

Provides tangible cost savings to customer when customer inventory, state-of-the-art bucking services, pressure testing. thread and accessory manufacturing are available from a single supplier.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

State of the art make-up and handling equipment designed with the environment in mind. Electric power units reduce air emissions, marine loading facilities reduce hydrocarbon emissions by minimizing multiple truck requirements