Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services (BOSS) offers tubular torque and testing services, catering to major operators in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) and other international basins. Our team comprises dedicated industry experts who provide a wide range of solutions. High-quality work is our priority as we understand the significant investments made by our customers. We strive to surpass their expectations.

Horizontal Bucking/Tubular Assembly

With Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services (BOSS) experienced personnel and dedicated support team, you can trust that your horizontal bucking and tubular management needs will be seamlessly met. From deepwater explorations in the Gulf of Mexico to inland operations, we are your premier “One-Stop Shop.” Choose us for flawless installations and ensure a successful drilling journey every time.

High Pressure Internal Testing of Tubulars

Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services (BOSS) High Pressure Internal Testing of Tubulars is the ultimate solution for all your testing needs. With our proprietary custom design and cutting-edge technology, we ensure impeccable results every time. Our digital monitoring system with analog back-up provides enhanced accuracy, while the 360º digital video monitoring guarantees comprehensive visibility. Trust BOBCAT for high pressure testing that exceeds your expectations.

Drill Pipe – Make/Break

Our equipment is designed exclusively for high torque- rotary drill stem connections. Whether we are making up full length drill pipe into double assemblies or unbucking Drill pipe Double assemblies, Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services will revolutionize your operations.

Casing Doubles

Our Asset Base/Torque Equipment sets us apart. Our equipment is designed to leave minimal die penetration, ensuring non-marking results. This innovative feature guarantees the preservation of your casing’s integrity, allowing for smooth cementation and flawless operations.

When it comes to casing services, trust the experts at Bobcat Oilfield Solutions and Services. Our commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering attention to detail make us the number one choice for Oil and Gas Exploration Companies.